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With much respect to Adele, 25 was cool, but Lemonade was better. Much better. The Grammys again proved they have a problem with diversity and pretty much told Beyoncé she had the best Black album of the year but her magnum opus wasn’t worthy of the ‘Album Of The Year.’

Beyoncé should have won. Period.

Adele, who too knows this, dedicated her win to Beyoncé, who was teary-eyed in the front row of the audience. Adele called her ‘the artist of my life’ and even broke her golden gramophone in half to share with the pop star. Beyoncé returned her gesture by mouthing the words ‘I love you.’

Moments before the highly anticipated award was announced, Beyoncé performed two songs off Lemonade, in jewels that hugged her bare baby bump and a bejeweled crown with a gold rose tucked in the side. Twitter was ablaze with praises for the Queen, who was joined by her mother Tina Lawson and daughter Blue Ivybridging generations of Knowles/Carter lineage and bringing Lemonade full circle.

How the hell did Beyoncé lose? And if Lemonade couldn’t win, what hope is there? The holy water that dripped from her eyes was sourced from a reservoir of tears formed by women who cried during Lemonade while reflecting on their own Black and feminine existence. The total embodiment of Lemonade represented Black womanhood and sisterhood.

The Grammys are notoriously known for favoring White artists, but there’s something more piercing about this loss. She honesty and truly deserved it. Lemonade was a cultural masterpiece visually and musically. For goodness sake, she gave us Formation.

‘What the f*ck does she have to do to win album of the year?’ Adele questioned in a post-show interview. ‘My album of the year was Lemonade, so a piece of me did die inside, as a Beyoncé fan,’ she added.

A Grammy voter told RollingStone, ‘Beyoncé should win because her song was more culturally significant and more innovative. Adele – we feel like we’ve seen that show before,’ They added, ‘But, I would not underestimate the average age of Grammy voters, and the chance that the sort of ‘elder median age’ could put Adele in.’

And clearly that was the case. Beyoncé’s proud Black ode didn’t stand a chance.

Beyoncé only took home two of the nine Grammys for which she was nominated, including  ‘Best Music Video’ and “Best Urban Contemporary Album.’ She spoke to the very issue that prevented her from winning in an earlier acceptance speech.

‘My intention for the film and album was to create a body of work that will give a voice to our pain, our struggles, our darkness and our history. To confront issues that make us uncomfortable. It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House, and The Grammys, and see themselves.’

Beyoncé hasn’t lost any luster as she continues to shine. She dropped a song with Jay Z and Khaled on the night of the Grammys.

Beyoncé is known for out-Beyoncéing herself time and time again. If she did it with Lemonade, she can do it again.

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