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Remy and Papoose got a little more camera time on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, but most of tonight was about the big girls trip to Mexico. But let’s rewind for a minute. The episode opens with Papoose meeting up with his mom and daughter to talk about how depressed he is about Remy losing the baby. He mentions wanting to be strong for his wife, and holding in his emotions, but his mom and daughter urge him to be active about taking care of himself because it’s the only way he can truly be strong for Remy. In other words, therapy might be in the pipeline, and as ratchet as this show is, it’s really important for people to see this.


Peter Gunz meets up with DJ Self and Snoop to talk about how he and Cisco are back on good terms, but Self isn’t trying to hear that. He’s still pissed about Francisco interfering with his artists so he has some payback up his sleeves. Hold that thought, though.

Now we’re in Mexico for Juju’s girl’s trip. It’s supposed to be Juju, Kimbella, J Adrienne and Yandy celebrating Juju’s novel. Things get off to a good start until Yandy shows up with Bianca in tow, and the tension starts to mount. Kimbella feels some type of way that Yandy “brought work to a girls trip” (because Bianca is her client). Somehow this makes Kimbella feel like Yandy isn’t focusing on Juelz Santana, but the real issue is that Kimbella is upset that Yandy won’t help her stalk Juelz (by giving up his work schedule). Kimbella then says she’s upset that Yandy told Juju that she was asking her about his schedule — basically reaching for something to bish about.


Back to the uninvited guests in Mexico. Yandy’s guest, Bianca, invited Mariahlynn, Cardi B. and Hennessy. Great.

Who raised these people? Where in the etiquette handbook is it okay to bring 50 extra people with you? Sure, Mexico is a big place, and this is a free country (for now), but still…

Anyway, now Bianca and Mariahlynn are having their moment where they’re discussing their beef about Mariah snitching on Bianca’s whereabouts the night she tried to seduce Drewski. Surprisingly, the conversation is productive and it comes out that Mariah did what she did for naught because Sky used her, and they’re no longer even cool like that. In the end, Bianca and Mariah are friends again.


Later on, the ladies go out for a night on the town separately, since things are tense between Kimbella and Yandy.  Yandy and J Adrienne clicked up, Juju and Kimbella clicked up, and Bianca, Mariah, Hennessy and Cardi linked up. Yandy and J Adrienne “coincidentally” end up at the same club as the latter group, and Yandy gets upset when she sees Bianca twerking because she “brought Bianca to Mexico to work” (song writing). We can assume it’s gigs, but Bianca states that she’s in the club because work is done (obviously). She and Yandy then exchange pleasantries about Yandy being hard on her because she wants her to win. Whatevs.

The next day, Yandy, Juju and Kimbella link up on the beach and once again they discuss Kimbella’s problem with Yandy. We’re still trying to figure out why Kimbella is really upset, because it all just seems petty and dumb. Eventually, they get all teary eyed and make up and we’re all still watching like…


Is this still over Yandy not helping Kimbella stalk Juelz? Anyway, Mariah, Cardi and Bianca come through later and tell Yandy that she came at Bianca sideways the other night.


But the conversation surprisingly ends well—with the ladies enjoying their vacay by twerking and goofing off on the beach.


Cut to the creep squad. DJ Self’s big prank is that he wrote “Gwinnin” on Cisco’s rental car, and tricked him into thinking it was permanent. Rich and Peter stop Cisco from beating the breaks off Self in time enough to inform him that it was a joke and that the paint isn’t permanent. For some reason, this is Cisco’s aha moment, and he apologizes to the squad for his recent behavior.

Kimbella, J Adrienne and Yandy get together to read Juju’s book for feedback, and here’s where drama comes back. Basically, Juju’s book is supposed to be fiction based on reality, but Yandy feels like Juju violated her trust because there is allegedly something in the book that happened to her. Basically, it’s that someone in the book had fake social media accounts created for harassment, or something like that (like how Erika set up fake pages to talk smack about Yandy on Mendeecees’ page). Yandy confronts Juju and tells her that she should have asked her first if it was okay to spill that tea first. Juju and the other women say that this stuff isn’t specific to Yandy and that they have all experienced something like this. After we hear there take, it does seem like Yandy may have jumped the gun. Juju seems sincere enough, so it’s easy to believe. She then gathers Yandy’s ego by informing her that she won’t make this about her. Eventually, Juju gets so frustrated because Yandy insists on acting like a child, that she storms off.


J Adrienne follows her, but it’s clear that Juju is done. Yandy does nothing to help the situation so Kimbella tries to talk sense in to her and offers that there is nothing in the chapter that’s about Yandy at all, and even calls her a mean girl.

This is just not how Yandy should go out because it is starting to look like her ego is getting out of control.

This isn’t over though so we’ll pick this back up next week.


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