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You’d think a 48-year-old woman would know better, but unfortunately age does not always equal wisdom.

Sandra Jametski has been charged with malicious harassment after posting a 10-minute video on Facebook, in which she ranted on and on about another woman’s “Spanish privilege” while following her SUV and complaining she couldn’t drive. “This is America. We don’t drive like that here. We don’t drive like you’re in Mexico, lady,” Jametski said of Dolores, the woman she was following. “This is my freaking neighborhood,” she continued. “This is where I grew up. I grew up here – not them. This woman don’t deserve to belong here, she don’t belong here.”

Things only got worse as Jametski confronted Dolores at her son’s school – but it wasn’t until Dolores’ 21-year-old daughter Adriana found the video on Facebook that police were called.

“She knew our house, she knew our cars, she knew where my brother goes to school,” Adriana tells the Seattle Times. “She seemed to have a personal vendetta against everyone in our family. We just felt really threatened and scared and just didn’t feel safe.”  

Jametski is currently sitting in jail for malicious harassment, which is considered a hate crime in the state of Washington. She’s being held on the high bail amount of $500,000 due to her criminal history (a DUI and second-degree assault) and the fact that her video “amounted to an attack on the entire Latino community,” the Seattle Times reports.

Hilariously enough, Jametski pleaded not guilty – after posting the evidence herself. Thoughts?

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