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Details Of Unreleased Dash Cam Video In #SandraBland Case Revealed

Prairie View officer Michael Kelley has come forward, stating the county’s top prosecutors threatened to end his career if what he said led to evidence of wrong-doing on behalf of the police department in the Sandra Bland case. The prosecutors deny this accusation.

Bland was found dead three days after being arrested for a traffic stop violation in a county jail cell. Authorities ruled her death a suicide. Many of Bland’s supporters (and most of the world) question not only whether her death is a suicide, but also if this case would be fairly investigated. In the end, there was no indictment in Bland’s death.

Kelley revealed a list of things he wanted to tell the grand jury, including:

  • Bland appeared to have marks on her forehead after a confrontation with Brian Encinia, the state trooper who pulled her over last July for allegedly failing to signal while changing lanes.
  • Encinia was on the phone with a supervisor after arresting Bland, because he didn’t know what charge she should face.
  • Encinia left out key details in the police report.

Officer Kelley states he was never contacted by special prosecutors handling the case and he was told there would be serious repercussions for speaking with the Bland family’s attorney. Not surprisingly, prosecutors have denied these allegations.

Kelley strongly spoke out against crooked cops, telling the Associated Press, “I didn’t become a cop to become shady like a lot of officers. I became a cop to do justice and to try to change the community which I work in.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis issued a statement, accusing Kelley of trying to profit from Bland’s death.

Right. >insert eye roll here<

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