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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opened with Karlie Redd at the jewelry store getting the ring that Lyfe gave her appraised. Her homegirl Jessica Dime showed up to provide messy support, and they both discovered the obvious—the ring was a fake. The jeweler appraised it at about $10.


Stevie J and Mimi’s truce might be over, especially if they head to court for child support, which is what Mimi wants to do. They’ve been co-parenting for years without the legal system involved, but Mimi is tired of his shadiness so she feels it is best to get courts involved (Even though this sounds more like her way of punishing him because why all of a sudden given that she has long known that he is untrustworthy?). Stevie isn’t really feeling Mimi’s terms, but he accepted that they’re moving “more toward business” than friendship when it comes to their relationship.

In the next scene, we watch Tommie do some drunken ballet. She was literally at a ballet class looking like a hippo in a china shop, but that’s not even the real point of this scene (it was just funny enough to point out). KK came to visit her after class and she explained what went down in LA between herself, Joseline and Stevie. She claimed that Stevie came to her hotel room and tried to get some. Nothing happened with that, but then all of a sudden the police came to her room looking for a fugitive.


Tommie thinks Joseline called the police to her room. For a hot second, we wonder if Tommie is on more than just alcohol.

In the only moment of positivity of this episode, we find KK and Tiarra together to hash out their differences. They actually had a civilized conversation and bonded over their sadness over Scrapp being gone. KKK actually said that this made her realize that the anger she harbored against Tiarra was dumb, and peace abounded. It was sweet to see KK soften up and to watch them talk about planning a party for Tiarra and Scrapp’s son, King.

Moving on, Jessica Dime got in the wig business. Y’all, she’s selling pink wigs.




She invited Karlie to the photoshoot for her line to serve some tea she got on Lyfe. The tea came in the form of Lyfe’s most recent babymama. This woman recently had a baby (as in within the last year or so) and said she had obviously been dealing with Lyfe while he was still supposed to be with Karlie. Let me just remind you that Karlie and this woman had this exchange at what was allegedly a professional photoshoot and the babymama in question actually had receipts! The DNA test showed that Lyfe is the father aka he’s just as shady as Karlie. Karlie and the girl then almost came to blows but security stepped in and Karlie left.

Later on, Karlie stopped by Lyfe’s video shoot to inquire about why he gave her a fake ring and why he got someone else pregnant while dating her. Lyfe, like the rest of the low down dogs that appear on this franchise, took no responsibility for his actions and Karlie Redd’s shenanigans with Scrapp actually makes sense. She’s still a bird, but she was provoked.

The episode concluded with Joseline and Tommie finally facing off. Tommie accused of Joseline of calling the police on her. Joseline neither confirmed nor denied this, but it’s Joseline we’re talking about, petty has been her shtick this entire season. Security was on hand to make sure there was no major blow up, but this definitely isn’t over.


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