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More details are emerging about Omar Mateen, the man who opened fire at a Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning, killing 49 people and injuring over 50 more.

Authorities are questioning and considering filing charges against his wife Nor Salman, who they believe was with Mateen when he purchased the ammunition used in the Orlando massacre.

They say she drove Mateen past the Pulse nightclub, so that he could case out the shooting site.

Authorities have also discovered the couple has a three-year old son who lives in Port Saint Lucie, Florida – about two hours from the club where the mass shooting took place.

On Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the latest details in the investigation of Mateen, as well as the revelation that the shooter may have been struggling with his sexuality as a result of being a “closeted homosexual.”

NewsOne Now panelist Ali Velshi, journalist and former Al Jazeera and CNN anchor, said we are “doing a disservice trying to drop a veil of simplicity over something that is complex.”

“This has at least three or four layers of complexity, whether it’s homophobia, whether the guy himself was gay, this business of pledging allegiance to ISIS, which any of us can do in a phone call that requires no communication or plotting…does that mean that it’s ISIS inspired or does that mean that [because] I say so?”

Velshi continued, “ISIS is going to have a lot of complexity around this too,” because the extremist group is anti-gay and it is being reported that Mateen was a “closeted-gay” man.

“It does us a disservice – and some of the time it comes from the media – it does us a disservice to rush into what we think this is,” he said.

“This is probably multi-faceted and we won’t solve it if we decide to label it just one thing.”

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