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Find out what’s real and what’s fake.

1. Over-manipulation of natural hair will stunt growth.

A two-strand twist, unless you are tugging and rubbing on your hair incessantly, will not stunt your hair growth. When you are twisting your hair, make sure you seal your hair with shea butter or some other type of protectant to slow the process of split ends.

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2. Your hair is only one texture.

We spoke with Allyn Antoine, hairstylist, who revealed,

“Most people have two to three textures in their hair. I’ve seen up to seven!”

Allyn suggested using multiple products on your hair depending on the pattern of the curl in that location. Different curls, different needs.

3. Hair numbers.

“No two people’s hair texture are the same. How can I put a number on it???” ~ Allyn Antoine

Hair can look similar from one person to the next and still be very different.

And I'm finally split-end free!

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4. You don’t have to use multiple products.

“With hair, it’s all about the balance.” ~ Allyn Antoine

If you are only feeding your hair one thing, of course, it will lack in other nutrients. Think about having a well-balanced diet, the same is for your hair. Alternate your products each week. Provide your hair with moisturizer, protein treatments, hydration and more. Too much of anything is bad.

5. Oil mixing.

A lot of people are mixing oils and not realizing that some effects are being canceled out.

“Some oils are for hydration and some are for sealing. Apply separately for maximum effect.” ~ Allyn Antoine

With anything, you have to go by trial and error to see what works best for your hair.

6. Relaxed hair is unhealthy hair.

Somewhere along the natural hair movement, we’ve started looking at relaxed hair as synonymous with unhealthy: not true! Relaxed hair might place you at risk due to the chemicals, however, your hair can be moisturized, healthy, and happy. The natural hair journey is a choice, not a requirement.

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7. Trimming your hair every 3 months will make it grow faster.

When you are trimming your hair, you are cutting off split ends and dead skin. True hair health begins at the scalp.

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Allyn also recommends seeing a dermatologist, even if your hair is “healthy.” He supports preventative hair care measures versus cures.

Here’s to healthy hair!


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