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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta featured lots of drama, primarily from Tommie, Scrapp, Karlie Redd and Miss Joseline Hernandez.

Let’s start with Tommie, who paid Stevie J a visit to try to get him to work with her on her “rap” career. You know, she’s doing the whole now that I’m on reality TV I should probably start a music career too shtick. Tommie also had ulterior motives. She flirted with Stevie by flashing her ample booty (in holy spandex), and that was all it took for him to be down. But he also had another agenda up his sleeves. He wants to mess with Joseline Hernandez’s head while Tommie wants to toy with Scrapp.


Speaking of Scrapp, he and Karlie Redd took their little makeout session to a hotel where they spent a weekend getting it in, or in Karlie Redd’s terms, “forging a friendship.” The thing is, Scrapp is going to be locked up for a while, which he later revealed to Karlie, and Karlie still needs to officially break things off with Lyfe.


Check this out, though: Tommie found the receipt from Scrapp’s three-day romp with Karlie Redd in his car. She confronted him and he seriously tried to play it off like he has no affiliation with the receipt (it was in her name) and he didn’t know how it got in his car. The more Tommie grilled him, the more Scrapp tried to play dumb about messing with Karlie, and the appearance of the receipt, the angrier Tommie got. Tommie eventually mauled him, and it took the entire security team to get Tommie off, and he still kept lying, and claimed that he didn’t sleep with Karlie Redd. So then Tommie revealed that she plans to have sex with Scrapp’s Uncle Stevie and that she’s going to rock his world. She then said she was gonna go for Scrapp’s friends too. Scrapp basically told her to eff off, she started crying, he called her pathetic, and she attacked him again.


Later on, Scapp confronted Karlie and asked her if she planted that receipt in his car. She said no, and they went on a date. But like, this is Karlie we’re talking about here. You already know. Anything for a storyline.


Meanwhile, Joseline met up with Mimi, and through teary-eyes, she mentioned that Stevie had a one-year-old baby that he was keeping secret, and paying child support for. Stevie allegedly denies this child, but Joseline claims to have seen Stevie’s name on the birth certificate. Mimi is just as disturbed, not to tears because she’s been there done that, but she is disgusted with Stevie, and in a surprising twist of events, actually feels bad for Joseline.

The episode caps with Tommie rolling up to Karlie Redd’s job (at the radio station), where she demanded answers about the receipt and whether Karlie is sleeping with Scrapp or not. Karlie Redd tried to claim that she was trying to look out for Tommie (You remember that time Tommie shut her down from gossiping, right?), and that Scrapp said he didn’t care about her anyway (which he probably did because he ain’t ish), and they started arguing back and forth. Then Tommie started throwing the Stevie card around about how she’s going to work with him musically and sleep with him too and that Karlie wishes she could work with Stevie as far as production.


Poor Tommie.

Eventually, both women began trading insults back and forth, and Tommie almost mauled Karlie Redd, but security caught her before she could do some damage.

Anyone else lowkey high key want Karlie Redd to catch fade?

Anyway, your ratchet faves will be back next week to kill more brain cells.


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