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The Mother’s Day edition of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta finds Joseline still on her attention whoring trouble making tour. Mimi confronted Miss Hernandez about threatening to leak some mysterious scandalous info about Karlie Redd to the blogs. Joseline lied and claimed that she never threatened Karlie, but Mimi knows better than to take Joseline’s word for it.

Moving forward, we’re at Joseline’s video premiere party where more ish goes down. During a powwow with Stevie, Scrapp brings up Joseline’s janky tip off to Tommie about Scrapp having a third woman that no one knew about. He mentioned how it set Tommie off (remember lingerie-gate) and that there was no proof to show for the madness. Stevie thinks it’s best to ignore Joseline’s shenanigans, but that’s not going to be easy. Tommie came through to the party to check up on Scrapp after that little incident, and Joseline claimed that she tipped Tommie off because that’s what she heard so she had to spread news. If you recall, Joseline initially said it was a “reliable source” who gave her that information. Obviously not.


Then Joseline tells Scrapp that she heard that his mom and his uncle had a sexual relationship. Scrapp wasn’t feeling that at all, and told Joseline to watch her mouth as politely as he could. That man deserves a hand for keeping calm, but like, really Joseline?


Then Joseline’s friend Dawn (the manager from a few seasons ago that Stevie and Joseline had a falling out with) came through because she’s friends with Joseline again, and apparently Tommie had beef with her, so she immediately flipped out. Tommie got kicked out for her rat-like behavior, and you realize that even she might be too crazy for this franchise. This is just…


Later on, Scrapp tells Uncle Stevie what Joseline said about his mom and uncle smashing and Stevie is not here for Joseline’s drama, but he’s trying to be calm about the situation and claims that he will check Miss Hernandez.

Staying on the topic of beef — because what else would we talk about besides beef and forced sister wife situations with regard to the Love and Hip-Hop franchise —Rasheeda’s mom revealed that she still feels some type of way about Momma Dee rolling up in Pressed with hay that time. Hold that thought because later on, Rasheeda asks Deb Antney to step in and be the mediator between Shirleen and Momma Dee at a Mother’s Day brunch. More on that later…

Speaking of Momma Dee though, prepare to gag as we cut to the next scene featuring she and Ernest. The happy-ish couple was enjoying a heavy make out session in bed, and then she asked him for some lube so that he could get it up, but he was out of lube “because he didn’t have any money to get more,” so Momma Dee got pissed off. Apparently, Ernest hasn’t been hittin’ her skins enough and needs lube to get it up.


Not only is he not hittin it enough, but him being out of lube also set Momma Dee off on a tirade about him not pulling his weight when it comes to bringing money in. Ernest claimed that he’s trying the best he can. He’s an ex-con working two jobs to make ends meet and Momma Dee just can’t be satisfied — in all ways imaginable, ew.


Luckily for us, the argument broke up their making out and Ernest got frustrated and left.

Stevie finally confronted Joseline about all of her ish starting and as you predicted, she really doesn’t care. Stevie told her “not to come to Atlanta getting ratchet again,” but it’s too late. Folks gotta stay relevant.


Let’s get back to the Mother’s Day brunch hosted by Rasheeda. Once again, the GA Peach thought it was cute to organize this gathering on the pursuit of a peace treaty between Shirleen and Momma Dee, moderated by Deb. Momma Dee came through to the MOTHER’S brunch with Ernest and Scrappy in tow. Before Deb could launch into her peace talk, Momma Dee and Ernest got into it over his inability to get it up (after he informed everyone else that Momma Dee had a drinking problem) and then the conversation turned to Deb mentioning that Bambi went on a date with her nephew. Scrappy was upset about this, but like…don’t you date other people when you’re broken up? They are broken up. Anyway, Rasheeda mentioned that she knew about this too (after Scrappy asked), so then Momma Dee asked why she didn’t say anything, and Shirlene jumped in and basically told Momma Dee where to go because Scrappy is a grown man and no one needs to be in his business. Nothing got resolved between the beefing OG’s, but at least there was no major escalation, and Momma Dee swiftly exited out of frustration before ish could get too real.


See you next week, same ratchet channel, same ratchet time.


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