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The queen of “Nerdland”, Melissa Harris Perry recently made her first public appearance since her controversial departure from her MSNBC show.  On The View the political commentator fielded questions regarding her choice to leave the show instead of meeting with the network to address her grievances.

She said she had bene trying to meet with MSNBC executives since November 2015 but their communications had already become strained. Melissa compared the situation to breaking up with a boyfriend.

“Have you ever been dating someone?” she asked The View co-hosts. “And presumably, you guys are still dating, but not really. He hasn’t called, y’all haven’t been out in months and all the places where you used to go together, actually he’s out there with somebody else. And you’re like, ‘I’m pretty sure we are not dating anymore.’”

Melissa noted that her show was one of the most diverse on air and since her departure, MSNBC has begun including more people of color on-air. The university professor added that if the end of her show creates more opportunities for “more black and brown faces to show back up” then she said this whole situation would have been “worth it.”

Check out the interview and let us know what you think Melissa’s next career move should be?


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