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Whether it’s her flawless fashion at the State of The Union Address or her mere presence shopping at a local Target, First Lady Michelle Obama stuns everywhere she goes.

This time around, FLOTUS surprised the heck out of some unsuspecting elementary school students from Washington D.C.’s Watkins Elementary School and John Burroughs Elementary School. Mrs. Obama popped in to visit the students as part of her Let’s Move! campaign. Both schools have impressive gardens where the students are taught the importance of growing fresh food and eating and cooking healthier meals. FLOTUS wanted to celebrate those stories.

Clearly, many of the children were speechless when she came into the classroom. One boy could barely contain himself, he jumped out of his chair and into FLOTUS’s arms. #Adorbs

That and the boy who said, “I’ve never seen you before!” and the student who asked her “if she knew Joe Biden.” Hilarious.

Never afraid to be down with the people, FLOTUS helped make torillas from scratch, prepare the tacos and whip a kale salad with the students. She even helped “separate worms from the garden’s compost,” the Huffington Post noted “It’s really me. I  can’t believe I’m sitting here digging out worms with you guys,” Obama joked with the kids. 

With less than 12 months left in the White House, Obama is proud of the health-oriented programs she’s put in place, but feels like there is still more work for her to do.

“Since we planted our White House Kitchen Garden and created our ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative to help kids grow up healthy, I’ve heard from people across the country who’ve been inspired to grow their own gardens and change how they think about the food they eat,” Obama told The Today Show on Thursday. 

“And in my final year as first lady, I plan to get out and visit some of these folks.”

Some of “these folks” include also include community gardeners Eriks Brolis and Linda Bilsens, who Obama also surprised in the video too. Eriks and Linda started their own garden in 2013 in the backyard of lot across the street from their house.  It’s open throughout the year and the food from that garden helps feed their family, relatives, and even neighbors. 

Washington D.C. is just Mrs. Obama’s first stop in telling sharing the narratives of how local gardens in schools, yards and other less conventional spaces help strengthen the health of our communities, Today noted. 

“I’m so excited to tell their stories and thank them for the amazing work they’re doing. And that starts today!” she exclaimed. 

Man, we are truly gonna miss the Obamas!


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