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'Born Again Virgin' Atlanta Premiere

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Tonight’s episode of Born Again Virgin focused mostly on Tara. It was about  her engagement situation, and the inevitable that we’ve been expecting for a while.

Tara, in a meeting with her fiancé and his lawyer, was informed about the “gold digger” clause and didn’t like it one bit. It basically states that In order for her to get the maximum payout on the prenup, she’d have to remain married for at least 18 years.


Just when we’re shaking our heads, wondering why the heck she’s still going through with this, she storms out of the meeting after telling Enrique and the lawyer to kiss her entire a–.

Later on, Tara finally breaks up with Enrique…by sneaking out on him after sex and then sending a break up text. However, she eventually finally grew some brass ovaries and had a face to face with Enrique where she told him that she’s not ready to get married.Finally!


He took it gracefully, and we’re all relieved. Cue “Return of the Mack.”


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