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Should criminal charges be filed against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and members of his administration for the poisoning of an American city?

TV Judge Greg Mathis believes if the emails circulated between members of Gov. Snyder’s administration about lead levels in the City of Flint, Michigan’s water indicate that someone “either fraudulently or misrepresented the facts that they knew to be untrue … then yes, it is criminal.”

Judge Mathis also explained that if the water crisis was a direct result of “gross negligence,” criminal charges could be filed against those involved.

Mathis told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, that Gov. Snyder should “certainly resign.”

“You know we hear this personal responsibility among the Republicans, quite frankly the conservative crowd — Black youth, Black families have to take personal responsibility for their actions — well, let’s see some personal responsibility here by resigning,” Judge Mathis said.

Mathis went so far as to liken the poisoning of Flint to a terrorist attack, saying, “Everyday our Homeland Security — their biggest fear and preparation is for terrorists poisoning the water. The Secretary of Defense talks nervously about that — well in this instance, our government has poisoned the water and it’s causing permanent damage.”

“Katrina cost loss of property, this is causing loss of health permanently.”

Watch Roland Martin and Judge Greg Mathis discuss the Flint Water Crisis in the video clip above.

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