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Jesse Jackson Leads Rally Protesting Flint Water Crisis

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Reportedly Flint Residents Can’t Get Bottled Water Without I.D.

Social media helped the water crisis in Flint, Michigan to go viral resulting in an outpouring of support. Many celebrities and concerned citizens throughout the nation have helped to provide the residents of Flint with thousands of cases of bottled water. Following the mayor, Michigan Governor and President Obama declaring Flint in a state of emergency, the National Guard has stepped in to assist with water distribution. Unfortunately the process to receive bottled water isn’t as effortless as one may think. Many people have documented their interactions with the national guard and at fire stations where they were required to present their ID in order to receive water. The I.D. requirement is supposedly in place because Flint has nearly 1,000 undocumented immigrants facing deportation. Churches and other places of refuge have now began to specify whether or not they require I.D. for water. Michigan’s state website has since acknowledged the controversy by issuing a press release saying ID isn’t required for the free water, however, providing an address will help the government to “accurately gather information for long-term recovery efforts.” [Clutch /]

Donald Trump Announces Plans For Healthcare Reform

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s confidence is surely unmatched. Even when he’s unfamiliar with a certain topic, he’ll figure something out; which would be the case when it comes to healthcare. During a recent interview on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, Trump said that if elected, he would dismantle Obamacare. When asked the specifics of his new legislation, the mogul shared, “We’re going to work with our hospitals, we’re going to work with our doctors. We’ve got to do something. We’ll work something out. That doesn’t mean single-payer.” To further re-ensure voters, the former host of “The Apprentice” said, “I want people taken care of…Nobody knows health care better than Donald Trump.” [Huffington Post]

Mayor Increases Police Training For Interacting With The Mentally Ill

The unfortunate slaying of black males in Chicago has paradoxically led to police reform throughout the city. Following the recent shooting of mentally ill teen, Quintonio LeGrier,19, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced new crisis training for officers. LeGrier had called 911 three times prior to his death but the operator hung up on him each time because he refused to give his name. Part of the new 40-hour “Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)”, would help officers and dispatchers to become more cognizant of situations that involve the mentally ill and the best techniques to de-escalate the situations. Presently, 1,890 officers have been trained on CIT protocol, Emanuel plans to increase that number to 2,800. Additionally, all of the department’s 12,000 police officers would be required to complete a brief, eight hours of training on mental health awareness. During Emanuel’s tenure, he’s shut down six mental health clinics in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods. While he failed to elaborate on this promise, the Mayor said that he plans to provide more resources for people in poverty stricken areas who need mental health services. [Yahoo News]

Police Refute Brutality Incident Caught On Camera

Lee Hagan of Jacinto City, TX was caught on surveillance camera in the midst of a fight. When an officer arrived, he’s seen pushing Hagen into a window then pulling him on the ground where they continue to tussle. Hagan is claiming that he is the victim of police brutality. “I backed away from the dude after the police told me to get up,” said Hagan. “He grabbed me and threw me through the window for no reason.” The teen was photographed following the incident with a gash on the side of his head and blood profusely streaming from his face and his ear. Jacinto City Police Chief Joe Ayala has seen the footage and believes the officer did not use excessive force. “It was not intentional on the officer’s part,” Ayala said. “The officer did not body slam him into the window, he did not throw him into the window, he was trying to physically restrain him.” The video has already garnered outrage from local media and protestors who are ready to defend Hagan’s account of the incident. “[The officer] threw me for no reason, like I was an animal,” said the teen. A full investigation is ongoing by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. [ABC]


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