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Petty Wap: Kobe Bryant Punched Ex-Laker In The Face Over $100

Kobe Bryant

Source: Walter Iooss Jr./The Players’ Tribune / Walter Iooss Jr./The Players’ Tribune

Why would one of the richest most successful NBA players in history slap someone over $100?

Ex-Laker star Samaki Walker spilled the beans on CBS’s Radio show.

Kobe won the half-court challenge back when he was 23, and the rule was for the loser to pay $100 within 48 hours. Kobe confronted Walker before the time limit was up asking for the money.

“I told him listen we were going to shootaround at the time, man I don’t have no 100 bucks on me right now…first of all why did he come after me for 100 bucks? With that being said, I put my earphones back on…and once I put my earphones back on, the most amazing thing happened,” Walker explained.

“Kobe, he sucker punched me,” Walker said. “All hell broke loose. Real talk, all hell broke loose….It was a sucker punch. Right to the face. Out of nowhere. There were some situations with Kobe and what was going on with his wife and the parents and things being said that was all his business, but was making it out publically and I just happened to come to the team at a unique time, which all this stuff was manifesting, and guess got caught up in.”

Damn! Kobe was quite a petty 23-year-old, wasn’t he?


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