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University of Missouri President Resigns As Protests Grow over Racism

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We love it when White people show their asses and reveal what they really think of Black people when they think no one’s listening.

When the news broke over Tim Wolfe’s resignation as president of the University of Missouri, White students hopped on Yik Yak, an anonymous messaging app, to vent their frustration about the protests against racism that were taking over their campus.

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There were lots of gems in there: a lot of students asserted that Wolfe’s resignation won’t end racism at the university, and shamed those who protested for drawing negative media attention to the school in a way that could devalue their degrees.

Protestors were also accused of trying to get revenge against the university. We’re not sure exactly what revenge protestors are supposed to gain, considering they’re not making money from demonstrating and their degrees are impacted by the university’s negative media attention, too.

But ish got really petty when one student called Black protestors “you people” and somehow blamed students of color for the racism on campus.

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Another resorted to whitesplaining, arguing that protesting and demanding a speedy response to the unrest on campus wasn’t going to change anything because “that’s not how this works.” At one point, a White student also referred to Black classmates as “childish ‘adults.’”

There were of course the affirmative action quips, as they knocked students of color for being privileged in receiving scholarship money to attend the school and claimed that Wolfe was only resigning because of Black students’ incompetence. But considering that they didn’t know how to spell the word, “privilege” correctly, we’re wondering if they know what that word actually means—or the word “incompetence,” for that matter…

However, our absolute favorite was the guy who said that as a White man, his “oppression” was in missing classes that he paid for because of “Black protests.”

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Team Beautiful is back here dying of laughter. That’s a reaction piece that pretty much writes itself. If any of these people had the balls to say this with their real names on Twitter, then maybe they’d actually be worth responding to, but even that’s a stretch.

Read all of the nonsense for yourself over at MSNBC.

[Source: MSNBC]


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