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It’s that time again! Time for the #Lovers to tune in and let #LoveAndRnB take you on a cruise control ride into Tuesday morning! Who remembers when the next best thing to watching a new movie was listening to the soundtrack? Each Monday we remind you with our theme “Movies and Music.” Tonight we’re featuring the best songs from the movie “Jungle Feature.” Call us up at 844-258-8762 with your memories from the movie or dedicate one of the soundtrack songs to your special somebody. We also want to hear your thoughts on tonight’s scenario:


Barry is in love with Roberta. They’ve been together for 11 months. Barry recently found out through some old emails that Roberta only went out with him because she lost a bet with her best friend and going out with him was punishment. The emails suggested that Roberta was to only go on a couple dates but ended up legitimately liking Barry…and now they love each other.  Barry is thinking about bringing up his findings.  Should he just let it go or ask about what he’s seen?

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