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 When kids are young, they like to bounce around like pinballs by grade school some start to settle into a sedentary lifestyle. There are video games out aimed to keep kids moving, but let’s be real, how often does your kid beg for the latest dancing title? Raising healthy kids is a big deal for most parents but it can be tough keeping a child motivated.

I got the chance to attend a showcase of new toys being released later this year, and here are the best of the toys that emphasize making a healthier lifestyle fun before it becomes the chore we grown folks endure.

 Here are a few of the best:

 Master Chef Junior Cooking Sets


(Coming in November)

Price: $19.95-$29.95

Age range: Toddler through grade school

What it does: Involves children in the cooking process. Studies show that kids who help in preparing their own meals tend to eat healthier. Branded after the hit Fox TV show where kids cook dishes that most adults wouldn’t even think of attempting, the Master Chef Junior cooking sets are made for smaller hands and have tools that are much safer than adult cookware. What’s really cool is that the Master Chef Junior sets can be bought according to some of kids’ favorite foods. For young burger lovers, there’s a set with a burger press, spatula and other tools for making the perfect kid burger. Other sets include breakfast, pizza and baked goods. There’s also the “Essentials” set that contains a mixing bowl, apron, tongs and more tools to get youngins involved with preparing healthy meals. You’ll be able to find Master Chef Junior cooking sets in stores this November.

The Tekno Scooter 

Price: $49.99IMG_0772

Age range: Grade school through high school

What it does: Makes exercise more fun. Kids love scooters to begin with, but add a stream of lights to the deck and you’ll have to peel your little daredevil off the Tekno Scooter. Not only does it light up in electric blue, is also features glowing effects. Best of all, it’s only 50 bucks.

Chrono Bomb 


Price: $24.99

Age range: Grade school to high school

What it does: Gets kids off of the couch and moving without having to leave the house. Chrono Bomb takes its cue from spy movies as you run strings across an area to simulate laser beams. To win, players have to disarm a time bomb by weaving in and out of the beams without tripping any of them. Great for improving balance and flexibility.



Price: $29.95

Age range: Preschool to grade school

What it does: Uses interactive toys with tablets and apps to help develop children’s spatial reasoning, motor skills, creativity and language. Tiggly comes in a variety of educational flavors like shapes, math and words. It’s a great reminder that developing a healthy mind is just as important as the body.

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