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Healthiness where body shape is concerned is oftentimes misunderstood. When physicians talk to patients about being overweight and obese, it’s related to the patient’s heart and what it can handle for that patient’s body frame and other factors. It’s not because of how you appear to a physician. It’s completely about the work we make our hearts do. We make judgments to pursue a certain look. You have so much health capital – we choose to spend our health capital, make choices not the healthiest habits, because we decide ourselves on what we’re willing to risk.

It’s all about choices and consequences – some people cash in their health capital to benefit to them now, not thinking about down the road. Some even make the consideration to cash it in as thrill seeker and they’ve decided to put their lives at risk. Again, it’s all about choices.

Part of the problem in our society today is a pill or a procedure can make everyone believe that they can live as they choose because there’s a solution for the consequences.

When it comes to diet, everything that is put in your mouth either helps or hurts you. It’s the same as the activities you choose to do.

The payoffs or the end of the story is what you did decades before that comes back to you in the last decades of your life.

Don’t be oblivious! Make wise choices throughout life and be careful about the choices by which you “cash in your health capital.”

Read my book and you’ll see how some choices get you one place you don’t want to be, in my ER, or they could have easily been avoided to keep you out of the ER.

-Dr. Jeffrey Sterling

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