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Elise Is Back

Elise Neal is finally back in town, and she links up with Paula Jai Parker to get some tea about what has been going on since she has been gone. Paula rehashes the dinner fiasco story, and claims that Countess, Ra’Shawn, Lisa and Golden ganged up on Forrest, which is why he threatened them with a ketchup bottle.

Elise decides that a meeting with everyone sans Paula is in order since Paula can be a flip flopper meaning, she’ll make a decision when Forrest isn’t around, but changes her tune when he’s there and offers a different opinion.

Forrest Gets Romantic

Forrest invites Lisa, of all people, to help him pick out a ring for Paula, because he wants to have a re-commitment ceremony. I guess those Hollywood Divas checks are paying off (no pun intended), because when we first met them on the show…you know the story. Later on he takes Paula to a play, and afterward, he gets on one knee and asks her to “choose him again.” It’s a sweet moment, especially because Paula said Forrest isn’t romantic at all. She likes the ring, in case you’re wondering. Stay tuned for their vow renewal ceremony.


Elise gathers Countess, Golden and Lisa to chat about the drama with The White Sistas. This goes left swiftly once Golden brings up gossip that Elise allegedly said about Countess. Elise denies it, and that’s where we are, stuck. This has nothing to do with anything, but Golden is petty, and still upset with Elise from the whole motherhood comment in Jamaica, so, yeah…

What comes out of that meeting is that Lisa wants to shop The White Sistas without Paula and just split the profit equally. Everyone else is over it so they agree that, “The White Sistas is dead”…yeah right.

Golden’s Golden Tickets

Golden has a launch event for her pillow line, and invites everyone except for Elise. She claims that there is some weird energy between them, as if she hasn’t been constantly trying to come for Elise for a while now. This is going to be a problem eventually, more on that later. The crew meets Golden’s boo, and Paula thinks it’s appropriate to grill him on the fact that he and Golden aren’t having sex. He thinks Golden is celibate, but really she just has a “three month” rule, like this is Girlfriends, or something. Paula is basically like, #BoyBye, which is enough to stir the pot enough. So now he confronts Golden about not giving up the cookies because somehow, this is the most appropriate place to do that, right? Side eye. Golden handles the situation gracefully by calmly attempting to hear him out at first, but then he calls her “challenging,” which is silly, because they haven’t even been dealing that long. Golden is over it fast and starts mingling with her guests instead of dealing with his drama. It’s safe to say that he’s probably cancelled.

Elise vs. Golden Round 240,853,773,959

Elise stops by Golden’s gig so that they can chat about the negative energy between to two of them. Golden reveals that she’s still salty about Elise’s comment from the cruise, big shocker! Again, the comment really wasn’t that serious, but…Golden, so, yeah.

Elise explains her stance again. She says she wasn’t trying to shade all women with children as Golden puts it. Golden then pretends that she’s the spokeswoman for women who have had babies in “traditional and nontraditional ways,” not even really sure what the heck she’s talking about because she’s obviously winging it for the sake of being petty, and they start talking over each other in a shouting match. Elise finally gets her point out, which questions why Golden would think that Elise’s answer with regard to her body and choices would have anything to do with Golden.

Golden then says, “I don’t understand how you’re almost 50, and you’ve never been pregnant.” Elise almost literally dragged her, but the crew manage to restrain her. The conclusion is, Golden is wack. I mean, why does she even care so much about what goes on in Elise’s womb, anyway? Perhaps she’s salty that she never got married, and Elise’s point touched a nerve? Tuh!

Meanwhile, The White Sistas release date is set for next Nevervember.


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