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Academy Award winner and recent Emmy nominee for her portrayal of Ma Rainey in the HBO movie Bessie Mo’nique talks about the release of her movie Blackbird, now available on VOD, Digital, Blu-ray and DVD at Wal-Mart and Target and on Netflix on September 1.

She stars with Isaiah Washington and is executive producer along with her husband Sidney Hicks.

“We shot the movie a year and  half ago. Now we can see it on DVD, VOD. We’re asking everybody to support this movie. We believe this is one of the movies that will help our babies be who they want to be,” Mo’nique said.

As for Bessie, which required it’s star Queen Latifah to be do and do nude scenes. Would Mo’Nique have done the same?

“As a little girl, when I looked in the Discovery books and I saw pictures of African women, I wanted to do that, they were so natural,” she said. “If I could walk down the street naked right now, without getting locked up, [I would.] So you’re gonna ask me about a movie?”

Although her character in Blackbird doesn’t use it that much, Mo’Nique says profanity is a big part of her show and her life. That was on display on her last visit to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, although you didn’t hear it on the air. After a recent show, someone tweeted to Mo’Nique that she was “beautiful, humble and vulgar.”

“I think people thought that when I got into the business, I started cussing. I’ve been cussing since I was 7. I come from a line of dynamic cussers. They were dynamic. The cussers in my family, they were so wonderful. My Uncle Whip, rest his soul when he and my Uncle Tino would get together, it was like they were singing songs. I was like ‘how did you put that in a sentence? The combinations were beautiful. Cussing is genetic. I think even back in the days before we came over here in the ships, when we were over there at home, I think my great-great-great-great grandmother, she would have them under the tree, telling them the African stories and she would mix it in, they would say ‘What did she just say?’ That’s what she said. You heard her right. I’m just keeping up the tradition,” she says.

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