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Petty Beef

We pick up from Kalenna and Tammy’s petty beef from last week. Security escorts Tammy outside to end the drama, and Rasheeda follows her outside to calm her down. Tammy then tells Rasheeda that Kalenna talked smack about her too, and Rasheeda, more on Tammy’s side here, decides to bounce without checking on Kalenna.

Sina’s Revenge

Sina meets up with Karlie Redd at her store to bond over their shared hatred for KD. Sina explains that Joc cheated on she and one other woman with Karlie while she and that other woman were both pregnant at the same time. Then Karlie explains that Joc cheated on her with KD, which basically means that he was going back and forth between all of them. Yet Sina still calls KD a home wrecker, and wants revenge on her. Karlie Redd is over Joc, but down for as much drama as possible, so she agrees to work with Sina to get revenge on KD.

Friendship Lost

Kalenna checks in with Rasheeda after the latter’s studio session to chat about the smack talk in question. Kalenna feels some type of way that Rasheeda didn’t check back in with her after the night of the fight with Tammy, but Rasheeda doesn’t think she’s wrong. This intended chat turns into them going back and forth about who said what about who, insults get tossed around, and Kalenna storms out. Perhaps they were never really friends in the first place.

Girl Talk

Kalenna meets up with Joseline and Karlie Redd to get pedicures, and talk ish as usual. Kalenna explains her Rasheeda drama, Joseline reveals she is moving to LA, and Karlie redd says she’s dating Lyfe Jennings, and that she wants another baby, a boy. But everyone watching was wondering how, because isn’t she menopausal by now? She looks good for her presumed age, but still. The biological clock situation is very real.

Stevie the Prankster

Stevie devised a plot for revenge against Nikko by using Margeaux as the pawn. Basically, he had his business partner for Scrilla Guerilla magazine set up a cover shoot for Margeaux without telling her that he was involved. Side note, who launches a magazine in 2015? Anyway…

Margeaux was excited that they called her for the shoot but um…why didn’t a red flag go off in her mind. No shade, but she ain’t nobody to be getting cover shoots, even for low scale magazines. Delusional much?

Anyway, Margeaux had Nikko with her at the shoot because despite the fact that they’re separated, she still trusts him enough to be there. But when Stevie shows up, the Gump Faces that followed were hilarious. Both Margeaux and Nikko didn’t know what to say. Stevie, in the way he does best, starts to gloat about his prank. Margeaux is livid because she got got, and Nikko and Stevie start trading insults back and forth. Stevie tells Margeaux that he has no beef with her, and that this was more about Nikko, which sets her off even more. She describes the situation as immature, which it is (and funny too), and starts demanding 10 g’s for the cover shoot.

Again, can we talk about delusion? Even real celebrities don’t get paid to do cover shoots. What the hell is Margeaux thinking about? Just laugh about it and keep it moving.

Angry Bird Beef

Karlie Redd had a launch event for her record label, and this is where she and Sina plan to get revenge on KD, because it’s the most appropriate place (insert sarcasm here). When KD shows up, she realizes what’s going on and more bird beef erupts. No blows were thrown, but it still ends in stupidity. KD ended up throwing money, and Karlie Redd threw a drink, but they were separated before things could get worse.

In the preview for next week it looks like Lyfe Jennings wasn’t too happy about Karlie’s stunt.


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