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Life is for living. Many of us are just existing and coasting through life as if it’s just another thing to do. But it’s not. We get the same 24 hours a day that Beyonce gets, how are we making sure that we’re actually living in ours?

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Well, check this list to see if you’re doing things that prove you’re just existing and not living.

1. Everything in your life feels okay. Not good, not bad, just okay.

2. You’re more than a little bored with your life.

3. Nothing interests you much anymore.

4. People ask you to do things, and your intuitive response has become, “No.”

5. Even things you used to love are sort of, “meh” right now.

6. Your life is comfortable….too comfortable to the point that you don’t feel motivated.

7. And trying new things sounds like a nice idea to get you out of your slump but it also sounds like a lot of effort.

8. But then – it hits you this is your life. It is the only one you get and no one is going to life it for you.

9. So you take that giant step of signing up for a new class, taking a trip somewhere, just doing ONE thing to shake up your schedule.

10. And that new thing starts giving you much needed inspiration.

11. It’s amazing what one small change in your life can do. You feel like you’re ready to conquer life again.

So you might as well! Now, go out there and live!

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