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“Really it’s just shock,” Yarde said.

Yarde did not know Jordan well, only occasionally exchanging short, friendly interactions with her outside their houses. He said he rarely saw Hamilton and had not spoken to him.

Sometimes he saw children playing outside on Jordan’s lawn.

According to Gwen Carter, a CPS spokeswoman, Jordan had two other children, ages 11 and 13, who were in their father’s custody.

“Our prayers go out to them,” she said. “This is a tragic loss for any child.”

In the arson case, initial reports indicated that Jordan had chased her husband around the house, trying to throw a liquid on him. He was not injured, Yenne said.

Jordan’s ex-husband, Rohaven Richards III, had asked that Jordan not be sent to jail for the arson, fearing the impact jail time would have on their children, Yenne said.

Yenne said after Jordan’s arson case, she had received a punishment of probation for 10 years, but her probation was terminated early by a judge in 2010. Her probation had prohibited Jordan from having a firearm.

In that case, Jordan paid $80,000 in restitution, Yenne said.

It has been reported that Jordan called Richards and asked him to call 911 the day of her murder/suicide.

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