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We’ve all heard those famous yet dreadful words from our kids, “Mom, I’m bored!” Our kids have books, Barbies, iPads and an endless supply of toy cars and trains, and yet somehow they’re always bored. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution to this problem—create a bored jar! What is a bored jar you ask?

A bored jar can be any spare container you have, but mason jars are a popular favorite amongst the cool moms. Fill it with an eclectic mixture of different tasks you would like your child to complete—it can be anything from cleaning up to writing a note to their Godmother. Each time one of your children pronounces boredom, ask them to pull a slip of paper out of the “bored” jar. Whatever activity they pull, they are required to complete—even if it’s something they don’t particularly fancy.

If you’re looking for inspiration here are 20 of my favorite “Mom, I’m bored!” activities.

  1. Clean the hallway
  2. Write a note to a friend
  3. Do 10 handstands
  4. Water the plants
  5. Make a treasure hunt for a sibling
  6. Run around the yard five times
  7. 10-minute dance party
  8. Clean all the mirrors in the house
  9. Look for money in the couch.
  10. Run up and down the steps 5 times.
  11. Find a new recipe mom and me can cook together
  12. Write a story
  13. Make a list of something in the house/yard that starts with each letter of the alphabet
  14. 25 cartwheels
  15. Load the dishwasher
  16. Research a president
  17. Call Grandma or Nana
  18. Plan, practice and perform a puppet show.
  19. Dust 3 rooms
  20. Write a song


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