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Mom cooking dinner

Some women call being a fabulous mom and having an awesome career “having it all” – we call it having two full-time jobs! Both require 100% of your attention and when you neglect either you instantly feel a cloud of guilt and immediately go into “fix it Jesus” mode.

When it comes to finding ways to scratch a couple of things off your daily to-do list, there’s one trendy ‘mom’ phrase that is not overstated – meal planning. With a little organization and list creating, you can get a grasp of your family’s grocery needs and your cooking preparation so you can make time for one last run-through of that big presentation!

  1. Use a limited repertoire of meals.

Unless cooking is really your passion, forget experimenting with new recipes. Busy moms should rely on a rotating menu of meals that are easy to prepare, easy to shop for and that the kids will actually eat.

  1. Plan dinners for the entire week.

Put the menu on your calendar and post it in your kitchen. This will eliminate that dreadful, “What do you want for dinner?” conversation entirely. When the whole family knows what to expect at mealtime, you’ll find that you have much happier diners who might even be willing to help you cook. Don’t worry about your kids getting bored with eating the same foods – they’re not as high maintenance as you think!

  1. Minimize shopping trips and keep the kids home.

Cut your grocery shopping time in half by taking inventory of your kitchen and making a detailed list before you leave the house. To boost efficiency even more, use your “meal plan” (see item 2) as a guide for your grocery shopping. Nothing is worse than a, “I forgot the ginger!” moment, just as dinner is ready to go in to the oven. Only shop for what’s on your list, and when possible, leave the babies at home to eliminate distractions.

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