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Model Hannah Davis flashes a sultry grin with perfectly photo shopped size B’s and the space between her lady lips and her obnoxiously flat stomach on the cover of Sport Illustrated’s latest swimsuit issue cover.

“I can see her vagina,” was how the conversation started. There we were, five women in a conference room during our weekly editorial meeting, trying to figure out why we were being subjected to a 24-year-old woman’s tiny and barely covered vagina in a lace print bikini bottom.

So this is the hot new body part? Great. This sounds annoyingly similar to the thigh gap craze a la Beyonce. And does this mean some young impressionable girl is going to want a slim vagina pouch after viewing Davis’ region? Better yet, does this mean bikini season is going to be littered with bathing suits that keep little to the imagination? Given the track record of mainstream media, we say “Yes.”

Davis’ vagina certainly doesn’t look like mine. It’s so boney. But I’m not tripping, and you shouldn’t be either because vaginas come in all shapes and sizes.

As women, we rarely talk about our vaginas (unless you’re asking a friend if her menstrual cycle is acting irregular like yours and in that case you should consult your GYN) but I damn sure won’t allow mainstream media to dictate who’s vagina is better/ sexier than the next. So with Hannah’s female flower staring us in the face, we might as well dive into it. No Trey Songz!

“Who are these women with these little vaginas? I asked, adding “I like my fat cat.” My Editor looked back with a perplexed look. “Fat cat?” she repeated. “Yeah, ‘fat cat,’ you’ve never heard of it?” She shook her head.

You too may be asking yourself “What is a fat cat?” I swear, I didn’t just make that up. Here’s the simple UrbanDictionary definition — a plump, juicy vagina. (Yeah buddy, there’s a term for it.)

Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her her fleshy vagina pouch in Paper Magazine and again in Love Magazine. What’s so wrong with a little weight on your vajayjay? Sure, the “perfect” tiny vagina gets the shine, but informal studies show the latter as more pleasurable.

In a YourTango poll, a handful of 20-something-year-old men admitted they enjoy sex with women who have more “meatier” vaginas more than with women who have skinnier vaginas.

“Fat lips are a crowd pleaser amongst the male population. Sources tell us that they are the softest of the bunch, very inviting and easier to find for penetration. Not to mention, it makes the men excited for some lip on lip action if you know what I mean.”

They also said sex with women who have  bonier vaginas, can be a little uncomfortable when a sensitive body apart is conjoined with a boney one.”

See fat vagina pouch, you are wanted. (Don’t let them tell you otherwise.)

Whether fat or skinny, we refuse to allow mainstream media to put our vaginas in a box! *Pun intended*

Give your vajayjay a big fat hug.


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