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Dear Tom,


You will never know how difficult these next few words are for me to write, but I need your help.  Since I was a teen mom with little to no support I have tried hard to juggle life and all it’s thrown at me.   Some things worked—some things didn’t, but somehow I bounced back.  Quitting is not in me, yet this time I am having a much harder time getting back up.

Last year, I became engaged and moved in with someone who i thought was the answer to my prayers.  I believed I was finally going to have the family I always dreamed of having.  However, once i moved in the relationship turned sour and after three months, I finally found the courage to leave with my two children.  We escaped with nothing but a few clothes and stayed at a family shelter and then a church friend who took us in.

Finally, about six months ago, I was able to move us into a place that would give us a fresh start.

But, it has not been easy for me as i face the challenges of paying all the bills alone.   Tom, I am reaching out to you to ask for a Christmas wish, because you are my last hope.

When we first moved in, only the freezer worked in the fridge, now even that’s broken.   My landlord has said it is my responsibility to replace it, but i can’t afford it.  So the kids and i have been using a cooler and ice to keep things like milk fresh and we have been eating canned food or take-out.  So, a new refrigerator would be so helpful, since this is not a healthy way to live.  I would also be grateful if you can help us with a few necessary pieces of furniture to make us more comfortable.


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