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Preacher of L.A. star Deitrick Haddon and former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams  have banded together to find the nation’s underperforming choirs on  Oxygen’s new reality show Fix My Choir. 

“Basically we traveled the country to find some of the worst choirs and some of the best choirs and basically Michelle and I mentor them to take them to the next level to help them reach their goals,” says Haddon.

It may be hard to tell some of the choirs that they just don’t sing well, but Haddon and Williams say they have to be honest and it may not be just one thing that needs fixing.

“We try to tackle everything from their leadership to their performance to the interpersonal behavior with each other,” says Williams. “It’s all kind of things. I know for me I realize that fixing choirs isn’t just about fixing their singing. Most of them could really sing. It’s just about fixing the other foolishness that keeps them from going to the next level.”

The two say that church size doesn’t matter. Even a megachurch can have its problems. Williams says that in some cases, leadership is the problem and that they worked not just with gospel choirs, but other kinds of choirs as well.

“A lack of respect for leadership or a lack of knowledge of leadership on how to handle the misfits in the choir. We worked with a barbershop choir and it was amazing how everyone was just scared and timid to tell the leader how they really felt. Sometimes the leadership is scared to put their foot down and they let the person come back.”

Fix My Choir premieres Wednesday, November 4th at 10 p.m.

Click the link above to hear the interview and what Haddon and the TJMS crew think is wrong with certain elements in many choirs.

(Photo: Oxygen)

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