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10/29/14 –

Dear Tom,

From her premature birth, to a childhood with a small hole in her heart, my daughter, Miracle has endured so much.  Now, as a teenager, she developed double Scoliosis, a medical condition in which her spine is curved severely from side to side.

Originally, my daughter was not a candidate for surgery, but because her spine curved so aggressively within 6 months, she had to have 2 titanium rods implanted with screws.   Then, after surgery she was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, which messes with her metabolism.  The only time I saw her cry was when she was told she would be on thyroid medication the rest of her life

Tom, Miracle has been home-schooled for a month since her operation.   At her next doctor‘s appointment she will find out if she can return to the school in early November.

Although she desperately wants to go back, she is feeling anxious because she has lost so much weight and her clothes no longer fit.  So, I am writing to request that you bless her with a makeover and a wardrobe to prepare her for her return to school.  She has always been a diva and now she can barely raise herself out of the bed.

Please, choose my daughter, my love, my Miracle as your Christmas wish.

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