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The beautiful Fox News correspondent Stacey Dash appeared on “Hannity” earlier this week and she discussed the Democratic party and social welfare programs. Here’s one giant nugget of her opinion on both topics: “It [welfare] still keeps them stuck, they’re getting money for free, they feel worthless, they’re uneducated. As long as you’re that way, they can keep you under their control. They [Democratic party] have a plantation mentality. As long as they give you this much money, you’ll stay right there. You don’t need to know too much because if you do, you’ll probably start thinking for yourself,” Dash lamented.

Dash is saying that Blacks feel worthless because of President Obama’s policies. I’m Black. I don’t feel worthless. She feels that electing Obama hasn’t helped people of color at all. She says that the Democrats pacify Black people with social and welfare programs to secure their votes. She might not be too far off with this one.

But of course many Black media outlets are poised to be against anything the Republican party-loving beauty has to say because she’s known to ruffle political feathers. Dash has not only lost faith in the Democratic party, but President Obama specifically.

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