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09/03/14 –

Dear Tom,

I would like to request a Christmas Wish on behalf of my brother Andrew, nick-named, Skippy. He is a really great guy and he works very hard for the City of St. Louis.  In fact, he hasn’t missed a day of work in spite of a hip injury.

Andrew is also an extremely caring man.  We have a younger sister who is suffering from Multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and central nervous system.  MS has robbed her of ability to walk without aid and affects her breathing. They live together in the old, St. Louis house that my brothers and I grew up in.  Andrew provides for her daily care. He cooks, cleans, washes, gives meds and takes her to her doctor’s appointments.  He doesn’t get out much unless there is someone there to watch over her.

It is very important that my brother and sister have safe and comfortable surroundings. Our family home is over 70 years-old and in serious need of repairs.  The porch that leads to the house is falling apart and is unsafe, the windows need to be sealed before winter sets in, rooms could use a coat of paint, the foundation requires maintenance and there is so much more that needs fixing.  Andrew can do the work himself as long as he has the funds for all the supplies needed to accomplish the repairs.  It is my Christmas Wish to ask for a gift card to Home Depot, so he can get started soon.

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