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A mother of four averted what would have been another disastrous incident of police brutality this week.

Kametra Barbour and her children were pulled over in a case of grossly mistaken identity. According to, Forney, Texas, police had gotten an alert about a car speeding down the highway while at least one of the occupants was waving a gun in the air.

Authorities were told to look for four black men riding around in a “beige or tan Toyota.” Kametra was driving a red Nissan Maxima with her kids in the vehicle, so she wasn’t even close to fitting the description.

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The Forney Police Department acknowledged in a statement that “there were discrepancies in the original vehicle description. Mrs. Barbour’s vehicle was the vehicle that we were directed to by the witness.”

Kametra was pulled over at gunpoint when officers spotted her car. In video from the cop’s dashboard cam, he was heard demanding that Kametra and her kids show him that they had no weapons. “Driver, let me see your hands!” he said. “Everybody stick your hands out the window!”

She did everything the cop asked her to do, but she could be heard asking why exactly she’d been stopped. “What is wrong? My kids! They’re 6 and 8 and 10, 9,” she said. “What are we doing? What is going on? Oh, my God! You will terrify my children.”

The cops eventually figured out that they had the wrong car and let Kametra go while trying to comfort her children, who had been watching the whole incident helplessly from the car.

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Relieved that she wasn’t in any trouble, Kametra took her kids home to go over the teachable moment once they had calmed.

“Words cannot express how we felt after we arrived home. We sat down and had a heart to heart lesson about how your life can change in a matter of seconds,” she said in a statement on Facebook. “We went from having a good old time shopping in the store and enjoying each other after a very hard day from laying to rest another mother to me and a grandmother to these children to this horrible interaction with the police.

She added, “I am so proud of all of these children because they learned a valuable lesson yesterday.”

Despite her experience, Kametra is determined not to let it spoil her disposition. She wanted her kids to know that what happened to them could have happened to anyone. “I explain to them that mistakes will happen in life, and as long as you have God on your side and your life in order, then everything will be alright,” she stated. “You must not be bitter or angry; just try to stay calm in a situation like this.”

It’s wonderful that Kametra and her kids are now safe, and that she has given them a resolve to remain in good spirits. However, it is mind-boggling that they could have been mistaken for a car full of grown men.

Even if the car was misidentified, the description of the people in the car could not have been. There’s a huge difference between four grown men in a car and a woman with four of her kids. Common sense should have taken over before cops had Kametra get out of the car.


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