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Imagine growing up the epitome of the American Dream, but never seeing yourself that way. I was a twin, I had two loving parents who supported everything we did, and I grew up in a small multi-ethnic suburban town outside of Philadelphia. There was no baby mama drama in our household. My father came home pretty much every night (except when he was out of town for business), and he also coached all our sports teams. My mother played team mom at all of our games and was the first to serve up orange slices at halftime. More than just leading by example, my parents were very vocal in helping us understand life and the trials and tribulations in which would have to endure in order to be successful. I was truly blessed to grow up with such amazing guidance and it has helped shape the type of person I am today. But as a child, I didn’t see the value in having two parents who lived together. The only thing I could see is how it made me different from all my friends. My brother and I were the only kids in our circle growing up who had their mother and their father together and happily married, but for me as a child it was a curse. I felt trapped in a life of good parent guilt.



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