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Sinbad’s Makes Me Wanna Holler debuts on Comedy Central Saturday night at 9 p.m. As you know, he’s made a career out of being the good guy and he’s made a nice living for himself and his family over the years. Despite that success, like many fathers across the country, he has no idea what he’s getting for Father’s Day.

“As fathers, we don’t know,” he told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “It’s not like Mother’s Day. It’s not a big preparation and it’s a fail if you didn’t get the flowers. You can’t fail on Father’s Day. You can’t fail, even if you forget it. If your son goes pro, you ain’t gonna get no love. [They’ll be saying] Thank you mom! Our job is just to be there. I’m doing a show in Phoenix and my family’s going down with me. So we’ll do something.”

The father of three says that he does get how important his own father was now that he has his own children.

“I think I understand now how my father feels when he would sit and look at me and he’s say ‘I can’t believe what I’m doing. I’m with my kids. And he’s like ‘Damn, I did something right.’ We’re still helping but it’s more from a consulting point. Cause you gotta let them do their thing and you learn from them. Now they’re showing me stuff, like why don’t you try it this way or that way. If a father or parent can keep their minds open, you get to grown now as a person. I love it.”

As a child, Sinbad says he wasn’t too good with Father’s Day gifts, because funds would allow him to be. But these days, he can spoil both of his parents. “We didn’t have no money, man. I gave him love. A tie, some cologne, but when I got to be a man and I was a comedian, I gave him a car, suit, shoes, things that you need, trips. It was fun as a grown person to do things for my dad for all the things he did for me when I was a young, crazy person. I’m still making up.”

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