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Thanks to a new video rolled out on Beyonce’s YouTube page, now we know how the “Flawless” superstar chooses her sparkly and insanely-detailed costumes for The Mrs. Carter World Tour and what exactly goes into making them.

In the four-minute clip, fashion stylist Ty Hunter and wardrobe stylist Raquel Smith give fans a behind-the-scene look at the fascinating process of making Queen Bey look like, well, the queen.

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“We really had a lot of groundbreaking moments together,” Ty says of working with multi-platinum superstar. “People look for her for trends so you kind of want to play around and not do what everyone else is doing. That’s what keeps us on our toes to try to outdo ourselves and come up with the next big thing.”

Raquel adds that looks aren’t the only thing the style team thinks about when choosing the winning looks. “It’s a process because it has to be stage appropriate in order for her to dance.”

Ty goes on to walk us through each outfit, song-by-song and designer-by-designer.


Ty reveals that Bey layers up! She rocks her bodysuit with polka dots — a Vrettos Vrettakoss redesign of her blue sparkly jumpsuit — underneath the black Michael Costello dress during “Drunk in Love” and “1+1.”


The “Partition” singer’s nipple bodysuit was created by New York-based design team The Blonds. “It was hand embroidered with approximately 30,000 Swarovski crystals that took over 600 hours to apply,” Ty shares.


Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci was responsible for Mrs. Carter’s grunge-inspired tartan costume. “We contacted Givenchy and told them we want the video look but a little bit more upscale, more stage friendly,” Ty details. ”So we added some beads and some sequin shorts and a cool strap with plaid as well. And the hat with ears.”


Ty describes this dress as his personal favorite. He says the green animal-printed fringe dress, designed by Pucci, gives Bey an “old James Brown moment.”

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Check out the full video and tell us your favorite looks in the comment section.

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