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Actor Mr. T (pictured), whose actual name is Laurence Tureaud, was reportedly sued by an alleged illegitimate son, Alexander Taylor, for abandonment and emotional scarring that supposedly caused him to join a gang, reports RadarOnline.

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The lawsuit against Mr. T was filed last June. Taylor, who is 25 years old, is reportedly Mr. T and Vanessa Taylor’s child. Instead of providing love and shelter, Taylor claimed that the actor and former star of the ’80s hit TV show “The A Team,” “neglected and abused” him during his childhood.

The court documents state that Taylor spent quite a bit of time with his dad, with the trademarked jewelry-clad Mr. T often taking him to preschool. “At the time, Alexander was unaware that his father was famous; he was just a proud little boy…. Then all of a sudden, Mr. T walked out of Alexander’s life and never looked back,” the legal complaint states.

After Mr. T allegedly dropped out of Taylor’s life, the young man claimed he was never quite the same.  Taylor, who reportedly insisted in his suit that Mr. T left because “he did not fit into Mr. T’s public image,” says he acted out as a result of his alleged abandonment. The young man says he was suspended from school on numerous occasions, sent to juvenile hall, and regrettably became a gang member.

The lawsuit continues:

Mr. T’s emotional child abuse has caused emotional distress resulting in more serious psychological and behavioral problems. These include depression, lack of attachment or emotional bond to family and friends, low cognitive ability, and poor social skills.

At the time, Taylor reportedly asked for $5.4 million in damages. The lawsuit, however, was dismissed last August by a California courthouse because Taylor neglected to pay the $400 filing and administrative fees involved in moving forward with the process.

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