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In light of the recent Library of Congress archive of all of our “tweets”, Twitterers need to be more cautious and cognizant of what they discuss or tweet on Twitter. Now most of us keep it simple and don’t engage in legal pitfalls such as defamation, terrorist threats, pornography, disclosure of private information, or intellectual property infringement. However there are others that treat Twitter like the wild wild west of social media networks. Defamation, pornography, and threats of Presidential assassination are rampant. There have been lawsuits filed and legal action taken against Twitters who engage in this type of behavior.

When using any social media network, anything you say or promote, good or bad is forever in cyberspace waiting to reward or punish you. And now that the federal government via the Library of Congress has all of our tweets, we should be more cautious and strategic about what we say on Twitter. Here is a list of Twitter dos and don’ts to assist Twitterers in avoiding legal liability or jail time.

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