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6) Maid Service

If she’s EVER insinuated that you think of her as your personal maid, this one is for you. You don’t wanna pick the socks up and now she doesn’t have to. The points you’ll pick up for being considerate and giving her a few bragging angles at work will pay off in spades.

7) Implants

Ultimately, the gift that keeps on giving… even if it’s one you can’t really offer. If she’s with it, prepare for more hours of enjoyment than she can get out of em herself.

8) Car Service

If you don’t have to drive, and she doesn’t have to drive, then you both get to be as tipsy as you want to be. And things happen with tipsy women in the back seats of cars… don’t sleep.

9) Cooking Lessons

This gift is kinda like the implants and the gym, not one you can suggest without a problem and definitely not something you can let her do solo without catching hell. Pitch it as something you two can do together though and its party time.


10) Babysitter

Your woman wants time and the kids need watching. Give her both at the same time and watch the magic happen.

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