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Community Heroes: an in-depth series on the lives and impact of people giving back to our global communities.

Pete Chatmon

Base Of Operations: New York

Why he is a Community Hero: Pete Chatmon’s lifelong goal to become a storyteller via the medium of film is now shared via his Double 7 Images media and marketing collecting. Chatmon aims to inspire and assist aspiring filmmakers to tell their own stories and represent their communities.

Pete Chatmon, the creative director for Double 7 Images, has been creating films since 1993 when he attended high school in New Jersey. Now 36, Chatmon recalls how Spike Lee‘s classic film “Do The Right Thing” sparked him to pursue making films.

“It was a particular scene where Buggin’ Out had to take the toothbrush to his Air Jordans. When I saw that, I literally felt that was my life. And to have that reflected back to me in those small, nuanced moments that speak to the bigger part of the culture that we live was a huge thing for me.”

Chatmon artfully connected the concept of telling stories with building a framework for a community, nothing that the practice is an ancient one.

“Any community is built on stories. If we go back to tribes in Africa, there were stories shared around campfires. If you don’t have these traditions being shared in a way that is most impactful, then things get lost.”

Chatmon adds, “ A good story, a great film, a powerful documentary could create a sense of empathy and understanding between someone who lives in Harlem and someone who lives 20 blocks south on the Upper East Side.”

To add to Chatmon’s point, he and his team’s latest project “Click Here: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Making Movies” is a documentary that focuses on the inner workings of creating a film and how the product becomes an interactive product for the end user.  Chatmon and his team are also working on his next feature, ”$FREE.99.”

Chatmon has directed two features. 2006′s “Premium” starring Dorian Missick, Zoe Saldana, and Hill Harper, and ”761st,” a documentary focused on the first Black battalion of WWII.

Learn more about Pete Chatmon and Double 7 Images here.

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