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“At the Rose Garden, we spoke about the fact that 20% of Americans have a disability of some sort. That’s about 55 million people. It’s tough enough for anybody to get and keep a job these days, but it’s especially difficult for people with disabilities. Let’s face it, everyone is trying to find employment. The official title is Disability Employment Awareness. My good friend, Kareem Dale, is the disabilities advisor to President Obama and he’s working hard to spread the word and I go out and speak. I think everybody has a friend or family member who has a disability and just being a brother or sister  to people and encouraging them. “

This TV season on “Ironside,” an actor who is not disabled, Blair Underwood, is playing the role of a man who is.  Does Hall think that an abled actor should have played the role?

“I would have liked them to have picked a qualified actor with a disability but Blair Underwood is a good man,” Hall says.  (And no, he’s happy with his gig on “CSI” and was never considered to play the part.)

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