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april wattsAs a dreamer/doer/entrepreneur, I have had non-traditional jobs for most of my professional life. Needless to say there have been stints where I did not have health coverage. Less than a year ago, I lost healthcare coverage through my employer because other professional commitments prevented me from working enough hours to receive benefits. I have been pricing insurance ever since. Prior to Obamacare, all the quotes I got for PPO plans ranged between $200 something and nearly $400 for a single, healthy, and relatively young woman. Today, I got a PPO from one of the nation’s largest and most reputable insurance providers bundled with accident and critical illness insurance for $169.55. This isn’t even an Obamacare plan. It’s the result of Obamacare providing much needed competition to lower outrageous premiums. Score! THANKS OBAMACARE!

Please share my testimony! I’m not trying to give TMI but people need to understand the benefits of Obamacare.  Even if they don’t enroll, Obamacare still positively impacts us all via competitive prices . Funny how propaganda is out that the American people don’t want Obamacare. Well why did healthcare.gov malfunction October 1st because it couldn’t handle the millions of hits the site received?  

This is not a political endorsement.  This is just one woman’s real life experience.  I hope sharing it somehow helps.

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