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And other black women share painful personal stories:

“I can remember being in the bathtub asking my mom to put bleach in the water so that my skin would be lighter and so that I could escape the feelings I had about not being as beautiful, as acceptable, as lovable.”

“She’s pretty for a dark-skinned girl … What is that supposed to mean?”

“They used to say, ‘You stayed in the oven too long.’ “

“It was so damaging … it made it seem like we weren’t wanted; that we were less than.”

“The racism that we have as people amongst ourselves is a direct backlash of slavery.”

The world television premiere of the “Dark Girls” documentary airs on Sunday, June 23, at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

Is a film about dark-skinned black women an important issue in 2013? What do you think?

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