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Shardae Simmonds of Sandy Springs, Ga., took the expression “Daddy’s little girl” to greater heights when she performed life-saving CPR on him after he passed out back in February.

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Fox News 5 in Atlanta reports that the 13-year-old girl took a CPR course three years ago. She was just 10-years-old.

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“I thought all those people that die because no one’s able to do CPR– I thought it would come in handy one of these days when I  was older,” Shardae told FOX 5.

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But she likely had no idea she would have to use it to save a family member. On Feb. 15, Shardae’s mother

told her that her father, Glen Simmonds, had passed out in their bedroom and wasn’t breathing.

Though she was worried for her father’s safety, she knew what to do and jumped to action. She called 911, then began performing CPR.

She did not know it, but her father had suffered a massive heart attack. Here’s more from Fox 5 News:

“It was a situation where seconds counted, and if I had not received help immediately from my daughter and my wife, I wouldn’t be here,” he said.

Shardae was able to keep her father alive until Puckett EMS and Cobb County firefighters arrived.

“The things that she learned, she had an advantage in this case,” said Cobb Co. Fire spokesperson Mike Parrish. “We are grateful for her.”

Through it all, Shardae stayed calm, but her mind was racing.

“I was thinking everything’s going to be fine, but my mind was thinking what it would be like without my father,” she said.  “I’m just happy that he is here with me.”

Glen Simmonds says he’s thankful to be alive, and very grateful to his daughter.

“I always knew that I was important to her, in her life, that she loved me– but just to hear her talk, what was going through her mind, it’s really, really touching and makes me love her even more,” he said.

Shaedra was honored by the mayor of Sandy Springs and her classmates at Tapp Middle School for her bravery.

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