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Dear Tom,

My name is Renee` Helton and i would like to nominate my husband, Neal, to get a Christmas wish granted.  you see tom, two years ago my husband lost his job as a budget analyst due to cut backs and even though he holds two master’s degrees’, he hasn’t been able to find another job.

We are the proud parents of three children and my husband is doing the best he can to keep our family moving forward, but it has not been easy.  As of right now, I am the only bread winner and things are really tight.   It doesn’t help that our car was recently stolen and we don’t have the finances to replace it.

Neal is keeping himself busy being a remarkable father and pursuing other interests with the hope that he can turn it into a way to earn a living.  For the past few years he has developed a talent as a photographer, but he only has one outdated camera and a single lense.  He wishes to have a canon digital camera with inter-changeable lenses to take more professional pictures.

It is my Christmas wish to see my husband get the camera equipment he so desperately wants,  because he is such a great guy and he deserves to follow a dream that makes him happy.

Thank You,

Renee’ Helton

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