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Roland Martin talks with Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, about keeping “her son’s legacy alive” and also with attorney Ben Crump about the latest in the George Zimmerman case.

Read the full conversation below:

ROLAND MARTIN:  This week, of course, Trayvon Martin, Tom, would have turned 18 years old, and there’s a number of events taking place this weekend to honor his life, but also to keep the attention on his story as well as the upcoming trial of George Zimmerman.  And so we’re joined this morning by Sybrina Fulton, his mother.  Also attorney Ben Crump.  Sybrina, Ben, good morning.

BEN CRUMP:  Good morning.

SYBRINA FULTON:  Good morning.

ROLAND MARTIN :  So Sybrina, let me start with you.  So this weekend you guys have a big walk planned there in Miami.  There’s a dinner there also on Sunday.  So tell our listeners about that and the purpose behind these events this weekend.

SYBRINA FULTON:  Our focus is just to keep our son’s legacy alive.  So we decided to put this together to, you know, to just come together and something alternative to violence.  We wanted the young people, and we asked the young people to come out with their parents and just enjoy the day and have a good day.  What we’re calling it is a Peace Walk, it’s going to be Saturday the 9th at 10 o’clock a.m.  It’s going to be at Attica State Park.  The location is 20901 Northeastern Avenue, it’s here in Miami, Florida.  And we’re just asking everybody to come out, we’re going to have different motivational speakers, of course we’re going to do the peace walk.  And then on Sunday is our benefit dinner for our foundation.  It’s going to be our first annual dinner.  That’s going to be Sunday.  That’s going to start at 5 o’clock.  And it’s going to be at the Double Tree.  And I also have a number of people interested in tickets because I’m missing 27 tables, my goal was a hundred.

TOM JOYNER:  And I understand you got Jamie Foxx and Cedric the Entertainer?

BEN CRUMP:  Yes, sir.  Reverend Al Sharpton, and Reverend Jamal Brown.  And have a great host, his name is Roland Martin.

SYBIL WILKES:  (Laugh) You do have a great host.  And what kind of response are you getting from people in terms of keeping Trayvon’s name out there and keeping his memory alive from the people all around the country?  Because I know you’re getting a lot of support.

SYBRINA FULTON:  His birthday, he turned eighteen on Tuesday.  It was just good to see so many people who have not forgotten us, had not forgotten about him and his birthday.  And they just sent tons of birthday wishes, and it was just good, it just helped out.  I spent that day, you know, kind of to myself because I was very scared that morning and I tried to get myself together and I cried some more, and I got out to see him, and I cried some more.  You know, I made it, and I thank God for that day, what he did do with Trayvon for 17 years.

TOM JOYNER:  Hey, Ben, what’s the latest on the trial?

BEN CRUMP:  Yes sir, Tom.  And first I also want to thank you, Tom, for your help with the foundation.  People like Roland and Jamie Foxx, we could never say thank you enough for caring and letting Black America know that we’re all together.  The latest on the trial on the 5th we had court on Trayvon’s birthday.  And, you know, they made it maybe for bad, God meant it for good because Trayvon’s spirit was definitely in that courtroom, Tom.  And the judge denied the killer’s lawyer’s request to delay the trial.  And so that was a huge victory for Tracy and Sybrina to go ahead and have their day in court.  And now we know there’s stand your ground hearing and it’s going to be taking place on April 27th, so the whole world will be watching to see if Sybrina and Tracy are going to get their day in court.

TOM JOYNER:  Will it be televised live?

BEN CRUMP:  Yeah, it will be televised live, and the big question is the killer going to take the stand and testify.


ROLAND MARTIN :  And that’s a stand your ground hearing, but has a trial date been set?

BEN CRUMP:  Yeah, the trail date is set for June 10th, Roland.  They tried to move it to November, but the judge denied them and said it’s going on June 10th, and the stand your ground hearing is on April 27th.  We got to get past that stand your ground hearing to get to the trial.

SW:  Hmm.

TOM JOYNER:  Alright.

ROLAND MARTIN :  Gotcha.  Alright.  Sybrina, thank you so very much.  Our prayers continue to be with you and your entire family.  Ben Crump, thanks a lot for staying on the case, man.  Thank you very much.

TOM JOYNER:  Alright.

BEN CRUMP:  Thank you all so much.  God bless.

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