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Toni Braxton dropped a bomb on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this a.m. after she told the crew that she was thinking about quitting music.

Joyner asked Braxton about any new music projects and her response shocked the crew. Read what she had to say below:

Tom Joyner: What about your new music?

Toni Braxton: I don’t know if I’m going to be doing anymore music, I’ve said that before in the past but I don’t know…

 Tom Joyner: Ever?

 Toni Braxton:… I’m thinking…

 Tom Joyner: What?

 Toni Braxton: I’m thinking, I’m singing in the movie. Ta-Da. Some gospel a little bit.

 Tom Joyner: Why no more music? What are you talking about?

 Toni Braxton: I just don’t know. Maybe I’m mad at music. I don’t know what it is. I can’t, my heart’s not in it right now.

 Sybil Wilkes: You’re not feeling it right now?

 Toni Braxton: No, I’m really not.

 Tom Joyner: Record companies beating you up?

 Toni Braxton: Not even that. They’re actually calling and I’m like well ‘I don’t know if I want to do another record’ but that’s a blessing I guess but I gotta be in it, I gotta love it and maybe because everything that has happened to me I don’t know.

At the close of the interview Joyner tried to confirm Braxton’s music revelation and the R&B crooner may have backtracked from her original statements:

Tom Joyner: And the big scoop I think, is, ‘I’m never going to record another song again, ever.’

Toni Braxton: No, I’m not trying to do that.

Tom Joyner: Oh thank you for clearing that up.

Toni Braxton: I’m sorry!

Tom Joyner: Oh, I was all upset.

Sybil Wilkes: Maybe, like seven whole years.

Toni Braxton: There you go in seven whole years (laughs) you so bad.

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