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Dear Tom Joyner,

My name is Kim Baker and I am writing on behalf of my cousin, Kasie Coleman.  Kasie is a thirty-seven year-old wife and a mother of two small children.   She was diagnosed about four years-ago with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer of the lungs caused by exposure to asbestos.

Kasie has gone to numerous hospitals around the country seeking treatment.   At a hospital in Pennsylvania she underwent several surgeries believing that the cancer was gone.   However, it returned rapidly and spread to other organs.  Her chances of survival seemed slim.   But, Kasie refused to give up.   She is now being treated at a cancer center in Oklahoma, traveling from Baton Rouge every twenty-one days for treatment.   After undergoing several more surgeries there, she is now in remission,

Mr. Joyner, Kasie started baking in between chemotherapy sessions.  Now, baking has become her comfort zone.  Since she is no longer able to work permanently, it is her desire to open a small in-house bakery.   My Christmas wish for you is to provide her with the baking materials she needs to help her pursue her dream.    It is my prayer that you will grant my wish for my brave cousin, Kasie.


Kimberlin Baker

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