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Gerard Streator (pictured), the Wisconsin man who was arrested last September and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct for reportedly having sex with an abandoned couch on a New York City street is expected to cop a guilty plea next month, reports The Smoking Gun.

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The 47-year-old hotel worker was spotted by off duty policeman Ryan Edwards who had gone out for a jog at 11 p.m. on the night of September 24th. Edwards witnessed Streator leaning over the loveseat facing down as if he was engaged in sexual relations.  As the officer edged a little closer to observe what Streator was actually doing, Edwards alleges that he clearly saw that the accused “had been thrusting his pelvic area against the cushions and trying to sexually gratify himself by rubbing his penis between the two cushions,” according to police documents.

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When Edwards yelled out to Streator, “What are you doing?” The suspect then reportedly dismounted from the sofa cushions and quickly ran away.  Edwards could clearly see that Streator’s penis had been fully erect as he engaged in his deviant public act.

Streator’s attorney, Jonathan LaVoy, told The Smoking Gun that he was working on a plea deal for his client with prosecutors and that Streator’s punishment might wind up being nothing more severe than probation, a work release, or a fine. LaVoy, whose client is currently “involved in treatment,” says he plans to present the judge with a doctor’s assessment of Streator as well.

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