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Some times the old saying, “It wasn’t his time to go,” holds true, because there is just no other explanation for someone to survive certain catastrophes. This perfectly describes the case of a 19-year-old California man who fell from the 75-foot Venom Drop at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia, California — and survived to tell the tale.

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The unidentified man was half-way down when he fell from the slide and slammed into the concrete with a “thud,” said Six-Flags spokesperson, Sue Carpenter. The death trap is one of three slides at Black Snake Summit and allows daredevils to “take a virtually vertical plunge, almost 90 degrees to the ground,” reads the official description.

See KTLA news report below:

According to Carpenter, everyone on the ride is supposed to be cleared by lifeguards and should be in the correct position — feet first, hands across chest. The 19-year-old man defied directions and took the plunge head first.

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“Everyone in line for the ride saw the fall take place,” Robert Shank, a witness who saw the fall, told KCBS-TV. “The guy was going down head first. He was taking a chance.”

While some risks can be fun — and provide cool stories to tell the grandchildren one day –  this was clearly not one of them.

According to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, it’s “miraculous” that he survived with no broken bones or internal injuries and we agree. Sometimes, a miracle is the only word that fits.


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